Live life on your own terms!

As a full time business woman, certified life and performance coach and mom, I experienced that life can come with a lot of set-backs. Dealing with those negative experiences and turning them into a positive outcome, is something I learned throughout the years. Taking decisions that made my life - as I knew it - take a different turn in just a fraction. Sometimes with fear of the unknown, but always on my terms!

All changes or events in life can be accompanied by negative feelings. Just know that these experiences are necessary in order to make us richer and more mature. A lesson can be learned from everything. Whether it is on a professional or private level. We all at one time popped the question: 'Why?' or 'Why me?'. No doubt that one day you knew the answer to your question and you knew exactly why! Be grateful for what happened. Don't just sit back and mope. The faster you turn your 'misfortune' into a positive view, the quicker results will be achieved!

Group coaching for business

What if you could improve the results of your team and let them finally achieve their ambitions? By gaining insight into the behavior, the current situation and implementing a positive attitude, their results will improve visibly.

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1 on 1 coaching

At a certain moment in life you can feel restless in one or more areas of life. It could be professional, financial, private or even emotional. Life coaching focuses on self-development and encourages you to achieve results and achieve your goals. The key to success lies within you!

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Master Leap - The way to a new and positive life

Oh yes, we all know the drill. 2020 is getting close and soon it will be time for those "good intentions", those goals ... But hey, are you someone who gives up after a few weeks and has a load of ridiculous excuses? Wouldn't you want to know how you can turn your good intentions into reality? By participating this Master Leap classes, you will get insights on how your mind works and set goals in achieving all the dreams you have in life!

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Dare 2 "Change Direction"

During this year program you take those first steps towards self-confidence and you will open up to new possibilities in life. In growing even more.

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“As long as you keep focus on your goal, you’re on the right track”

The universe provides us with new ideas, all day every day. It’s up to us to welcome and do something with them or just ignore and waste some great possibilities and chances in life.

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Fear holds you back in life. Fear is the number one killer of your dreams. We tend to overthink every little thing in life. We start doubting ourselves, and in the end, we don’t take action. I know. You can feel fear in many situations. Sometimes the smallest things in life can give you the ‘creeps’ and hold you back in acting. Don’t allow fear to hold you back. Don’t let fear stop you from getting out of your comfort zone. Just crush the fear down at any time in life. Only ‘you’ can hold ‘you’ back. Know that having confidence is a skill. Confidence is the ability to move from thought to action. Confidence is the willingness to try. So, stop hesitating and start acting. Believe in yourself. Dare to …

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