Dare 2 "Change Direction"

We must first be what we want in this life. Only then can we create things that we have always wanted. The path to yourself will become visible during the first sessions. You will have gained insights into your own life and into your expectations of life.

It doesn't stop here. We continue on our way to that dream life and the realization of those big dreams.

During the DARE 2! program we will work together for one year and of course also individually. We will look for those long-term dreams and together we will take steps towards the realization of those dreams. We will motivate and encourage each other to hold on!

But what dream do you want to realize now? We initially start looking for that ultimate dream.
That can be a dream for within a year, two years or maybe five years. Every session we set new goals, new steps towards the realization of our dream, always beyond that fear.

Of course we will have to use our imagination to bring those dreams to the surface.
We all have different goals and dreams and we will choose a specific dream.

Choosing your goal or dream is sharp shooting! We will therefore apply the SMART principle.


S - Specific - Describe your goal clearly and concretely. The more concrete you formulate, the       easier you get started.

M - Measurable - Make sure that afterwards you can check whether you have achieved it

A - Attainable - Is it the right moment? Is it usefull? Set your priorities!

R - Relevant - Can you realize it? Aim high but be realistic

T - Timely - Stel de tijdsperiode in, waarin je het kan gaan realiseren

We will use 3 keywords throughout the process:

  •  Commitment Take the responsibiliy to be action-oriented with the realization of your goal, your dream.

  • Perseverance Have discipline, be Discipline hebben, be persistent and tireless

  • Ambitious! We go for that challenge!

What is the program like?

  • A 1 year program
  • 8 sessions on saturday
    • Monthly except during summer and december
    • From 13:30 tot 18:00 (half an hour break from 15:30 tot 16:00)
    • Two times 'on the move' with activities (full day)

  • 1 weekend off together
    • Friday evening till sunday noon
    • Combination workshop and challenging activities!

Would you like to participate to this program?
Each group consists of a maximum of 8 participants. SO ... Make sure you get your spot and
Subscribe here for the program starting september 26th. 

Dare 2

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