This is me


I’m Vicky, a 47 year young mom and businesswoman who likes to travel, write and enjoy the precious time with my kids, husband and family. I was born and still live in Ghent, one of the most charming cities in Belgium.

As a kid I used to write short stories and a lot of poetry. It was a way to express myself and my feelings. I had my weekly appointment in the library where I could spend hours in finding that perfect book to read that week.

At the age of twenty I started my own business with the father of my kids. At twenty-one we had our first son. Actually I have ran two businesses, so I may say I’m an entrepreneurial woman. I love to challenge myself every day as for me that’s the fuel that keeps me going.

While running my second business, I decided to finally follow my dream I had as a kid and go start a course journalism. Back at school with youngsters who had the age of my oldest son. Quite challenging but a very instructive experience.
Two years later, my new career in the corporate world took all my attention. So I decided to put my studies on hold as I already realized that my interests were not really journalism but rather directing documentaries. Informing and bringing heart-warming stories. Stories where people can draw courage to help regain happiness and self-confidence.

In 2018 I finished the Certification Program at the Inge Rock Coaching & Mind Academy as well as an NLP Certified program in the UK. Helping people in turning their lives in a positive way has always triggered me. So starting the programs was an obvious step in life for me.

I now give Workshops in how to shift from negative to positive and how to get to understand your mind.
It doesn't stop there. As a Life / Mental and Performance Coach I help people who feel stuck at a certain point in life. Seeing them grow confidence and achieving their goals is heart warming!

Enjoy reading my blog and let them inspire you in rediscovering yourself. Finding happiness in the little things this wonderful life brings you.

This is me

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