Group coaching - Master Leaps

Pursue those dreams that you have always had but never dared to go after. Don’t know HOW? That’s WHY this Masterclass was developed. Based on what I learned and practiced for 45 years. Based on small steps in the right direction. Based on my mistakes! Based on the right mindset of thinking positively. 

During the Master Leap classes I will work with you to' dare to leap'. I will learn you HOW, so that it becomes a way of living. One that you will practice long after we meet and work together. Up for the challenge? 

Reactions of attendess: 

Maya V.D: "This Master Leap course gave me great insights: Fear is not real. It is a product of our imagination. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. Fear is not real. Fear is a choice.

Annie R.: "This Master Leap gave me quite some insights on life: It gave me a different view on life. I now know how to minimalise. I can handle some situations a lot better. I pay more attention to myself, instead of others. Thank you for those new insights that have an impact on my life." 

I Dare YOU!

"Taking no action ensures that fear and doubt only grow. Taking action brings courage and confidence. If you want to overcome fear, do not stay at home, go out and do something" -  Dale Carnegie

Master Leap - The way to a new and positive life

By participating this Master Leap course, in only 9 weeks you will get insights on how to set goals


See what this program offers you during those nine weeks

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All sessions are given in 9 consecutive weeks and start at 7:00 PM to finish at 9:00 PM.

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