Life coaching - 1 on 1 coaching

It is no longer a secret that we are all extremely busy and think that we no longer have time for ourselves, for some free time. You may have made choices in the past that no longer make you happy and that you remain "attached to." It’s all so easy to keep wandering in our familiar life, our comfort zone, while you realize that there must be more. As a result, we do not feel well in our skin. We all sometimes recognize ourselves in the sense of "lack". Sometimes we don't even know what we want, what we dream of. We know that there is more for us, but we cannot see it.

Life coaching ensures that you gain insights into your life again. Together we look for those insights, the causes and that new path. We work with all the potential you have inside of you to grow towards that perfect life. The insight that you can take control of your life and finally change things. 

It's okay to dream and chase it. 

Know that getting those insights and working towards your ultimate goals can't be achieved in just one week. There will be difficult moments and obstacles, but we will get through them together.


How does it work? We start with a free of charge intake interview. It is important that we get to know each other and that there is a "click". It must feel good if we are to cooperate. This applies to both parties. Trust is the most important aspect in coaching. Being able to tell your stories uninhibited so that we gain insights into how you can take those first steps.

After the intake interview we look at where the "knot" is and how many sessions are needed to rach that final goal you have set for yourself. Usually it takes 6 to 9 sessions. 

Time to invest in yourself and feel happy again with all the choices you make in life!

No worries, we can also work together online!

Life coaching - 1 on 1 coaching

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