Group coaching for business


How about your employees? Do they function as one group or are there "tensions"? And how about the spirit within your teams? What about their results? Do your employees reach their goals and targets? Do they strive to achieve them together?


Group coaching can stimulate and support your team members in feeling better through self-reflection and awareness. Due to the dynamics that arise with group coaching, your team members will build good relationships with each other and strive for those perfect results.


We start with an initial introductory meeting. This can be with the team leader and a number of team members. During this meeting we will look for the core of the issue(s) together. Preparations are made for group coaching based on the outcome of the first interview. Everything is tailor-made conform the needs of the team, so that the theory and in practice are aligned. Group coaching can be set up in dayparts or workshop form. Individual support after the training is also common.

After the introductory meeting and the preparations, we will start with the actual group coaching. We set the desired outcome together at the start of the workshop. We anchor it so that everyone looks in the same direction and starts working on it. Everyone will be heard during these sessions. Everyone can give his or her opinion, so that everyone feels that his or her opinion really matters.

After the group coaching, it is up to the group itself to put it into practice. Individual counseling (also for field service employees) is a possible additional support for translating theory into daily practice.

A new group session is set up after a short period for further feedback. Experiences are shared so that adjustments can be made in time if necessary.

What's next?

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Group coaching  for business

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