Fear holds you back in life. Fear is the number one killer of your dreams. We tend to overthink every little thing in life. We start doubting ourselves, and in the end, we don’t take action.

I know. You can feel fear in many situations. Sometimes the smallest things in life can give you the ‘creeps’ and hold you back in acting. Don’t allow fear to hold you back. Don’t let fear stop you from getting out of your comfort zone. Just crush the fear down at any time in life. Only ‘you’ can hold ‘you’ back. 

Know that having confidence is a skill. Confidence is the ability to move from thought to action. Confidence is the willingness to try. So, stop hesitating and start acting. Believe in yourself. Dare to …

Dare to be who you really are. Dare to love in this life. Dare to be vulnerable. Dare to lose at some points in life. Dare to have trust. Dare to commit. Just Dare to take the leap in life!

Maybe you will experience some unpleasant things or situations. Just know that it’s ok.

In this book I will share some stories of my life with you to show that we all have our setbacks and experiences in life. The way you look at them and react upon them, is what makes the biggest difference towards a happy and satisfying life!


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