“Life is like a game of Jenga”

All five areas of life can be in harmony and fully up to your expectations, as long as you live consciously and don’t listen to that voice inside your head, convincing you not to act upon events.

Meanwhile I would like to share a vision. My vision that “Life is like a game of Jenga”.

You know the game? That pile of small little wooden blocks? You need each turn remove a block and put it on top of the tower and make sure it doesn’t collapse. Did you ever play the game? If not … Please do, as soon as possible and just think about your life while playing it! 

That solid base

You start off with a wooden solid tower. Imagine, that tower represents your birth and your childhood. You have your solid base. No need to take decisions. Decisions are made for you anyway! How angry you may be now or were back then, decisions were ‘simply’ made for you. What you would eat. When you had to be home from a night out with friends. The sports or hobbies your parents picked out for you. The clothes you had to wear. Your hairstyle. Your relationship. JUST F… EVERYTHING! 

Be honest. You’ve learned from everything you saw, heard and ‘lived’ at that time. You analysed everything, didn’t you? You little rascal! Things you experienced while being young, had a big impact on your personality today. Maybe your parents’ divorce, or losing people close to you, like your grandparents or best friends. Maybe you were the one they laughed at at school. Maybe moving to another place has made a huge impact on you. But whatever might have happened in the past, it still made you the person you are today. And promise me not to forget: ‘During that time, you had your solid base! …’.

Removing the blocks

The moment you start making your own choices or better ‘decisions’ in life, you start removing blocks from the stack and start building further onto them. Those blocks are no longer needed in your base, but you are using them to build your future on. Experiences, lessons learned. They now have become a part of growing, of building your life and getting the tower as high as possible.

A block you removed could embody a best friend, a relationship, a job, … Just remind yourself that once you’ve removed the block, life gets a tiny little bit unstable. But when you’re building and constantly trust that specific choice you’ve made, you will grow! 

Life IS just all about trust! 

One more important lesson to learn: also trust the company you’re playing your game with (wether professional or personal). They will remove blocks that make you more vulnerable. Choices they make, can shake your life. Sure thing, you can be pissed off … But that’s just how life goes, right? 

Know, at all times, that you can’t do without them. They complete you. You need them. You love them. And still they can have a major impact on your life. Just believe when I say that trust is all you need. They also want their tower to grow as high as possible. They don’t want to thwart you at all. They are a part of your ‘mountain’ as well. They climb that same path of life but to their own needs. And if you have no trust at all, ‘just remove them’ as a simple ‘block’. Collateral damage. Trust your gut, trust the power of your estimation. 

Set the tower back in place

I know. I really do! At one certain point, all your accomplishments will just collapse. The tower will fall. All your dreams will fall apart. It just takes a fraction of a second. You will sigh, you will proclaim it: “Oh no!!!!”. But time after time, you know when it’s coming. As soon as you remove the block, you know you lost the game. You have a that gut feeling. You always know that precise moment when you took that wrong move. But still, you dared to leap!!!

Remember, it was your choice, no one else to blame! No No! It was you who took the leap! You, and only you, took that decision to make a move! Give something to get more in return. Law of survival. Have no regrets! Never ever! 

The fact that your life has been taken down is a blessing. You now know what is delicate. You now have learned more about balance. You will now know what needs to stay into that solid base. No need to whine. It’s too late anyway. You made a choice. You lost, but learned and grew stronger!

Start all over! Set the damn tower back in place! 

That’s what you would do when you had a nice chill evening with friends and family. Get the game started. Start building. See who makes the smartest moves and learn. Learn from your environment. Decide for yourself what you want and what you would never want to cross your path. You will know what block to remove first, after a few games. As in life. You have learned. You will be the expert!

I ALWAYS lived life on my own terms. Sure, I had a huge amount of setbacks, but I always stayed confident, confident in my own decisions. And I embraced the outcome. Time after time. 

We are all winners. Just follow your heart, love and be loved as you too are a winner!

© Vicky Drappier – Dare to leap

“Life is like a game of Jenga”

"Now the time has come for me to say I AM ..."

During the final session of the Master Leap classes, everyone must bring a piece for the group, as they then have already gained a lot of confidence. Still they have to make that extra step by getting on stage, out of their comfort zone. What M. did on stage just gave me goosebumps ...

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'Your habits keep you locked'

Did you know that your habits keep you locked. The way we think, behave and act upon circumstances keeps us at that same old place. We are our habits. We feel lonely, stupid, not good enough to make those changes, we can’t say no, we don’t like our job, … It just doesn’t stop.

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Dismiss that bitch and don’t let her take control!

How come, that when you set new goals at new year, you tend to give up after only a couple of weeks? Do you ask yourself that question every year all over and over again, or do you start bringing up all kind of excuses to make sure you don’t feel bad about yourself? To make sure that your environment, your family and friends wouldn’t laugh at you? Are you scared about their reactions? Well you know what … it’s your ego taking control!

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“As long as you keep focus on your goal, you’re on the right track”

The universe provides us with new ideas, all day every day. It’s up to us to welcome and do something with them or just ignore and waste some great possibilities and chances in life.

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"You cannot sow and harvest in the same season"

When you have a dream, a new idea to proceed in life, you plant a seed in your mind. We all know very well that when you plant a seed, you need to water it, feed it in order for the seed to grow. You need to give it all your attention and love. Same goes for your ideas and dreams.

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"Don't run away from awkward situations, you never know what they can bring."

During our life we get confronted with situations beyond our control. Situations that we didn’t ask for. Things that happen to our loved ones and that effect our lives emotionally as well. The easiest way would be to run away and ignore those situations. But hey, that’s not how it works! This is the third time that I am confronted with a similar situation … First my grandad, than my grandma and now a dear friend … Alzheimer’s …

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"Follow your intuition, it will lead you to great new adventures!"

A few months ago I got to know quite a few nice people while attending a course. One by one, people who all want the same thing in life: understand how our mind works with the ultimate goal to help people in feeling happy again with their lives. Coaching and guiding people in achieving their goals in life, pursuing their dreams and see to it that step by step they make progress in a positive way. We help them deal with possible setbacks and negative experiences. Make them shift their minds from negative to positive.

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"Get fuelled by your own ideas!"

We all have dreams in life, we do, we really do. Perhaps you don’t know what your dream is, but start by opening up in finding those dreams. We’re a creation of nature. Created in perfection. We all have a purpose in life. Plants, trees, just everything you see in nature doesn’t have to think about growing. It has no fear, it just does. We people tend to overthink to much. It’s what holds us back on acting and growing.

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"What you think awakens your feelings and emotions"

We all know the feeling of being down. I certainly do. But as I hate that feeling, I’m always trying to get it out of my system within a few minutes or hours. Sometimes you can’t describe the feeling, you just can’t describe why you are feeling down. You just do.

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"Never give up on your dreams"

For over twenty years I had a dream. Something I really wanted to do in life. Something to see and to feel. I never gave up on that dream and on April 30th 2019 that one dream finally came true. The fact that it took me so long shows that sometimes you must put your dreams aside for the time being, but keep them awake. Hold on to them as I did.

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“Ready to open up?”

I shared quite some of my experiences of life with you. Last week I even shared a piece of my diary. I feel no shame, no. I decided a real long time ago, that hiding from the world is not the way how to live life. I also always embraced the outcome of the choices I’ve made.

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“Giving in can be redeeming, freeing yourself from the past”

We all have to make to make choices in life. And hey, you can only pick one way. Always one road to take, impossible to take several roads towards success. But you can always take some sideways, it makes the trip so much more interesting and exciting.

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"I committed myself to one of my dreams"

Making choices in life isn’t easy, but necessary if we want to grow in life. I often get the question on how I make choices. How do I know what is the perfect decision to make.

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"Fine is the devil in you!"

ME: “How are you doing?” … YOU: “I’m fine” … We all know that answer, don’t we? We’ve all used those exact words before. No need to feel ashamed about it, but hey, maybe high time to change! It’s easy to switch from fine to great, you’ll see. Just trust me.

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‘How’ I do it!

In life, there are different routes from present to future. It takes energy and courage to take that leap and move forward. I know, it has taken me a while to do so to, but I just did, as I hate negative feelings and thoughts. As I said before, no way I would like to go into that deep dark abyss.

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"We're all special"

We have four kids at home. Three boys and a girl. It can be quite busy sometimes, as we have two dogs as well. But hey, at least I can say that there’s always movement in our house. With all those different characters its even more exiting. It’s quite a challenge to approach everyone one with the same story but in a different way. We are open and share all there is to share with one another. Honesty is something that is a priority in our family.

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“A challenge that made me choose a different path”

Very often in life you find yourself at a crossroad. Up to you to make the perfect decision at that time. Most of the times - but not always - you may have the choice to stay in the same situation as you know it, but life won’t get better that way. It’s a status quo. Nothing to gain. No progresses to make.

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“Courage is all we need”

Live life on your own terms is something that has kept me going all my life. You could call it stubbornness or even quirkiness but that’s how I went through life so far. And I don’t intend to do differently. Oh yes, I could have taken the easy path on several occasions, but I decided to follow my heart, my gut feeling. The consequences were not always that easy, on the contrary. You can call me a striver that only goes for the best. To me, the choices I made, were only to be happy in life.

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“You are worth it!”

Don’t ever see yourself as a looser, as you are not. As I said before, we’re all winners! It’s hard to believe that, at certain moments in life, but believe me when I say that we can all realize our dreams. You just need to take the leap and have confidence.

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“That first big leap”

We all are impatient. We know the path that we want to follow, but we don’t see the mountain we have to climb to reach our destination. We are impatient and tend to give up, very often too soon. You get your personality from birth, that's for sure. Events over the years make us respond differently to situations. Something we used to be afraid of could be something we embrace today. The road to knowledge and experience is one of trial and error. Life does not always run smoothly.

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“Love is out there”

Never regret the choices you have made, it's too late anyway! Deal with the consequences and you will have learned a lesson. In future you will think about possible effects before making an important choice. Just trust yourself, follow your gut feeling instead of waiting, doubting and let time pass you by.

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October 18th 2000. I was only 26. A day that I’ll never, ever(!) forget. What for most of the population started off as an ordinary day, was to me a day when ground just sunk from under my feet.

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“How bankruptcy changed my life”

One of the toughest moments in my life, was the day when I was forced go to court and file for bankruptcy. The feeling of defeat was indescribable. I completely lost my self-confidence. I was lost.

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“Unexpected twist”

What seemed as a negative experience turned out to be a gift from heaven. A few days before Christmas, I received negative news on a professional level. At least, that was what I had made of it at first. What would feel like a defeat for most of the population, I see as a blessing. It only took me three hours before awareness hit me.

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